Monday, February 15, 2016

stairway to hell

 After 3 nights of attempting to get to this hike, 4 am on Sunday morning, we finally made it. Quinn slept in the car while Nichole, Tatum and I trespassed through a yard and up a muddy hill, snuck around a guard and made it to the stairs. We hiked straight up the mountain ridges on the haiku stairs for about an hour and a half before reaching the summit. The stairs were KILLER. We were there at the perfect time to watch the sun rise. The foggy morning was just like a dream. From the top you could see everything from chinamans hat all the way to lanikai beach. It was such an insane view. H3 Highway was right below us and the city lights were so pretty. We headed right back down cause we had to make Nichole and Quinns flight though. Using our arms to swing down the stairs, we made it down in half the time it took to get up. Managed to make it out without getting in trouble from cops or guards so props to us. Annndd we made it to the airport with time to spare. So sad saying bye, but glad to have my own bed to myself. Stairway was definitely a perfect hike to end their last day here in Hawaii. The whole experience was better than I dreamed it would be. (except the fact that i'm gonna be sore as hell tomorrow lol) Now back to school and real life. Also, side note but I leave in 10 days!!!!!

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