Monday, August 17, 2015

weekend trippin it

sharks cove doesn't have sharks. just fyi. Lindsey, Zack, the Sarah's, Mason & Kekoa and I all hopped on The Bus up to north shore for the weekend. 

above and below the water. ahh this doesn't even do it justice how sick it is.   

ET phone home? hahaha I just like this shot a lot. And the second one reminds me  of the divers in Finding Nemo. 
I think I was meant to be a mermaid. Good thing I'll be living here for 7 more months!
After snorkeling, Kekoa suggested we walk instead of take the bus to Ted's Bakery. . . which was 2.3 miles, but it actually didn't turn out so bad because we were right along the beach. We got to stop at pipeline and see the volcom house which was way sick & got me pretty stoked to go back in December for Volcom Pipe Pro & the other surf comps.

On the walk, this chubby guy on a street bike & carrying a little dog passed us. . . screaming @ the top of his lungs. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life! We couldn't stop cracking up. 5 minutes later, we were walking across sunset beach and saw, yes, THE SAME GUY, standing at this tent. He walked right on up and asked my name, I told him Micaela, then right off he asked if he could kiss me. I backed up and fell of the sidewalk and told him "no, thats okay" haha then he asked if he could kiss zack; zack told him "if that's what you're into" WE WERE DYING. The guy denied of course, then he told us he was a famous photographer and to look him up. Then he yelled at some kids for trying to touch his dog because they "weren't over 10 yrs old" (He was OBVIOUSLY so drunk). Then zack pulled out a phone, asked the guy for a picture, so we snapped one real quick were on our way.
We ate dinner at Ted's Bakery which was SO good (I just got fries of course) then headed down to sunset beach to watch the sunset (real ironic huh). 
Anyways. I guess you could say it was a pretty good day in paradise. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

say what?

Wait. I know I left home only 14 days ago. . . but I 'm missing Utah. WHAT?  I miss riding in an actual car and turning up the music as loud as it goes, instead of taking the stupid bus everywhere. (No one listens to music loud here. smh) I miss seeing the mountains every time I look up. And how every night the sunset is almost perfect. 


I miss drives through the canyon in the summer with Nick. Haha and him always saying "My tacoma can do anything a jeep can". I miss off roading through the canyon in Zane's jeep at midnight and when Brittney flipped one because she though Zane would drive us off the mountain hahaha.
I miss smell of pine trees and the air in the canyon, how its actually cold. I just love it. I miss driving up the canyon with the windows down, and just hearing the river right next to the road. I miss hammocking with Q & Nick and Shay. I miss longboarding down provo canyon with the crew. 
And HIKES! I miss hiking so so bad. I've been wanting to go on a hike the second I got here, and guess who still hasn't been on a hike? . . . Yeah thats right, me.

I miss looking at the lake and seeing the reflection of the mountains. (pc: Bridger for the second pic) It's one of my favorite views hands down.
Hawaii is great and all but I gotta say I miss my little Utah valley. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

lucky we live HI

Late night post but this was my view walking back from Waimea about a week ago and believe me, it looks 1000x better in person. The only thing I could think was how lucky I am to live in such a gorgeous place. Hawaii is almost perfect, everything so green, palm trees everywhere, & the ocean surrounding everything. Could it get any better? 
Could I be any luckier? 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

quinny hackett

Quinn is my person. We've done it all, been through it all together. The boys, the drama, the fights and the good times. I'm so lucky to have had her with me to get through high school. 


                                                                           We like doing all the same things, listening to the same music and eating the same foods. We laugh at everything all the time, even ourselves. I look up to Quinn SO much, it's unreal.  She's taught me to be loud and be myself, to make the best out of every situation. She taught me not to care what people think. To go for boys even when I'm unsure about it. Quinn was my biggest supporter when I was deciding which college to go to and I she's the reason why I ended up here at BYU Hawaii. She's a good listener and what can I say? She just gets me. I LOVE our friendship and hope it lasts through & after college. I couldn't have asked for a better friend.
Shes the short best friend every tall girl needs. #MC&Q

true friends : one question

do your friends take you out for sushi? 

Only if you got a friend named Tomas. Sushi is basically my favorite food and here in Hawaii I've been craving it more than ever. (plz fly out here and try the sushi with me T-mas)

This picture makes me so happy. It makes me wish all the boys in Hawaii were as chill as Tomas. . . always down for anything whether it's sushi or just a drive listening to rap. Ugh. I miss it so much. One of my favorite feelings. Always rolling up in Maurice's hummer, jammin to King Kunta.

S/O to Tomas for texting me 24/7 (even until 2am bc of the time difference) and answering my calls to listen to me talk all about my day, how much I love hawaii and how much I wish him and all our friends were here too. You the real MVP boo.

S/O Maurice for always telling me to do what makes me happy.  Things are definitely different here and will need time for adjustment. Just gotta give it my best shot.

lol as kid cudi once said " Now is the time to show what you're made of "

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


 Today I was listening to some music (Michicant by Bon Iver to be exact). . .  and it really made me miss one of my best friends, Nick Tate. 

Nick and I used to be really close. I don't think anyone would ever guess that though. He used to talk to me about EVERYTHING. We would laugh for hours on end. He would make me sit in his basement and choose my favorite songs on his ipod so he could jam on his drums. Nick introduced me to a whole new world of music. I would sit and watch movies with his family late at night when he was editing footage and making movies. We would go get food, Nick always begging me to pay for him and me always giving in cause I'm a pushover. We'd end up at either In N Out (Nick's favorite, haha mine not so much) or Cafe Rio. All those spring days and summer nights spent on the tramp, trying to teach Quinn and I  tricks. Wow. There's too many memories to even write. 

I miss the late night drives in his truck listening to good music.  Sometimes he would let me be dj even though I always just chose the songs I knew he liked best. We would have deep conversations about what we would do and where we were going next in life.      

  I miss going on "photo adventures": driving until we found somewhere cool to take pictures at. I miss Nick calling up Quinn and I at 11:30, excited to try out long exposure pictures with steel wool. Nick asking us to "hit that shutter" for his pictures. 

I miss Nick showing me the pictures he took of me and Quinn, getting so excited because his pictures were "just as good, if not better than Bryan Chow's". I miss driving to Goshen, just cause we like long drives and "cute little towns". 

I miss  getting stuck in sticky situations with Nick, having to wait hours in the snow for Gunnar to come to the rescue and pull out the tacoma with his jeep. I miss that little truck.  
I miss having to jump 3 different cars, all in 3 weeks. ((we have really bad luck with cars if ya can't tell))

Most of all, I miss MC, Q & N.  So stupid, and funny, and weird together. We were inseperable.We never cared what people thought cause we were the best of friends. I miss that. I miss the three of us driving all the way down to Goshen at midnight, squished in the Tacoma. Quinn and I laying in the bed of the truck, looking at the stars while Nick took pictures. Then deciding to take the long way home-110 miles through 11 cities and towns, all with names we've never heard. Listening to Bon Iver the whole way, and getting out in the middle of now where, just to turn off all the lights and stare into the pitch black darkness. That was one of my favorite nights.

I don't think I can tell you how good of friends Nick and I were. I wish we were still that close, but things have definitely changed and so has Nick. Senior year was great being friends with him until slowly he just kind of stopped talking to me. He stopped answering calls and replying to texts. We hung out less and less. Soon enough he didn't even bother with me or Quinn anymore. Idk maybe he was too busy with all his new friends, and becoming popular that he didn't notice. Sometimes it makes me sad but it's okay. Life just moved in a  different direction than we had planned. I moved to Hawaii and he left to Washington on a mission. Maybe we'll be good friends again; you never know what could happen. But as Kendrick Lamar once said, "we gon' be alright".

P.S. This post wasn't supposed to be this long, but props to you if you read all the way through it. (:

Monday, August 10, 2015

adventuring: hawaiian style

SNORKELING: Okay. My favorite adventure (by far). If you've never snorkeled... GO TRY IT! I can't even put into words how crazy it is. It's like a whole other world underneath the water, and YOU can see and be in it. All the fish and coral and SEA TURTLES! Yes, I got to swim with 3 sea turtles (if I remember right) and not like I just saw them, but we definitely got up close and personal. Basically they're my best friends on the island. You feel like a mermaid (I know it sounds cliche) with your hair flowing everywhere and all the fish swimming with you. It's the best feeling. Anyways. Snorkeling is gr8 (except when the mask starts hurting your nose & when you get water in the snorkel)

WAIMEA: You've heard about jumping at waimea rock right? Well now you have! My new friend Kelia (my local friend from Maui) and I swam across the bay separating Shark's Cove and Waimea Bay to go jump the rock. (( I was  lucky enough to have the tide come in at the perfect moment & slam me into some coral, slicing up my shin real nice:))) Anyways, we climbed up the huge rock and stared down at the 40 or something foot drop. (The bottom pic is the view from the top) The water was SO blue, it looks so tempting that you almost forget about the height. We counted down, plugged our noses & jumped. I'll tell ya it's not as high as it looks haha. It was way sick & def something to cross off of the hawaii bucketlist.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

sandy toes & a salty nose

Most adventures consist of boarding through the campus and somehow end at the beach. Most days I go right after class, with friends and sometimes without. People give me weird looks when I'm alone, but it's hawaii, I don't mind too much. The sand is hot and the water is perfect- you don't have to warm up to it, but it's cold enough to cool you off. 

The foamy, blue water is amazing... until you get it in your mouth. I always expect it to be freshwater (must be a Utah thing) but the salt catches me off guard every time and I usually end up cringing and spitting everywhere haha.
I don't think I could ever get tired of coming here though. The waves at hukilau, the kind that almost throw you at the shore, are my favorite. Just being in the ocean is the best feeling. 
About 4 or 5 months ago, my mom and I were @ hobby lobby. This sign caught my eye and I begged my mom to get it for me... she told me if I ended up going to BYUH she would get it for me. Well what do you know, a few months later I opened it as a gift on my birthday. It's now hanging on my wall in my dorm and it's my favorite. Not because it's cute, but mostly cause it's true. I'll never get tired of living here. I LOVE THE BEACH <3 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Aloha Hawaii


About a week ago I looked out the window of an airplane to see the small (but much bigger than I thought) island of Oahu. My new home-to-be. The butterflies and excitement were so strong I could barely handle it. I was 3,000 miles away from home, not knowing one person on the entire island. I was overwhelmed.

I made it to my dorm and started setting up my new life. My room mates welcomed me and we became fast best friends. Life is different here. People are different here. The air is thicker and wetter here ((I LOVE the humidity)). There are palm trees everywhere you look. The beach is only a block away from my house and I go there everyday. Everything is green and gorgeous here. I love it already.