Monday, August 10, 2015

adventuring: hawaiian style

SNORKELING: Okay. My favorite adventure (by far). If you've never snorkeled... GO TRY IT! I can't even put into words how crazy it is. It's like a whole other world underneath the water, and YOU can see and be in it. All the fish and coral and SEA TURTLES! Yes, I got to swim with 3 sea turtles (if I remember right) and not like I just saw them, but we definitely got up close and personal. Basically they're my best friends on the island. You feel like a mermaid (I know it sounds cliche) with your hair flowing everywhere and all the fish swimming with you. It's the best feeling. Anyways. Snorkeling is gr8 (except when the mask starts hurting your nose & when you get water in the snorkel)

WAIMEA: You've heard about jumping at waimea rock right? Well now you have! My new friend Kelia (my local friend from Maui) and I swam across the bay separating Shark's Cove and Waimea Bay to go jump the rock. (( I was  lucky enough to have the tide come in at the perfect moment & slam me into some coral, slicing up my shin real nice:))) Anyways, we climbed up the huge rock and stared down at the 40 or something foot drop. (The bottom pic is the view from the top) The water was SO blue, it looks so tempting that you almost forget about the height. We counted down, plugged our noses & jumped. I'll tell ya it's not as high as it looks haha. It was way sick & def something to cross off of the hawaii bucketlist.

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