Tuesday, August 11, 2015


 Today I was listening to some music (Michicant by Bon Iver to be exact). . .  and it really made me miss one of my best friends, Nick Tate. 

Nick and I used to be really close. I don't think anyone would ever guess that though. He used to talk to me about EVERYTHING. We would laugh for hours on end. He would make me sit in his basement and choose my favorite songs on his ipod so he could jam on his drums. Nick introduced me to a whole new world of music. I would sit and watch movies with his family late at night when he was editing footage and making movies. We would go get food, Nick always begging me to pay for him and me always giving in cause I'm a pushover. We'd end up at either In N Out (Nick's favorite, haha mine not so much) or Cafe Rio. All those spring days and summer nights spent on the tramp, trying to teach Quinn and I  tricks. Wow. There's too many memories to even write. 

I miss the late night drives in his truck listening to good music.  Sometimes he would let me be dj even though I always just chose the songs I knew he liked best. We would have deep conversations about what we would do and where we were going next in life.      

  I miss going on "photo adventures": driving until we found somewhere cool to take pictures at. I miss Nick calling up Quinn and I at 11:30, excited to try out long exposure pictures with steel wool. Nick asking us to "hit that shutter" for his pictures. 

I miss Nick showing me the pictures he took of me and Quinn, getting so excited because his pictures were "just as good, if not better than Bryan Chow's". I miss driving to Goshen, just cause we like long drives and "cute little towns". 

I miss  getting stuck in sticky situations with Nick, having to wait hours in the snow for Gunnar to come to the rescue and pull out the tacoma with his jeep. I miss that little truck.  
I miss having to jump 3 different cars, all in 3 weeks. ((we have really bad luck with cars if ya can't tell))

Most of all, I miss MC, Q & N.  So stupid, and funny, and weird together. We were inseperable.We never cared what people thought cause we were the best of friends. I miss that. I miss the three of us driving all the way down to Goshen at midnight, squished in the Tacoma. Quinn and I laying in the bed of the truck, looking at the stars while Nick took pictures. Then deciding to take the long way home-110 miles through 11 cities and towns, all with names we've never heard. Listening to Bon Iver the whole way, and getting out in the middle of now where, just to turn off all the lights and stare into the pitch black darkness. That was one of my favorite nights.

I don't think I can tell you how good of friends Nick and I were. I wish we were still that close, but things have definitely changed and so has Nick. Senior year was great being friends with him until slowly he just kind of stopped talking to me. He stopped answering calls and replying to texts. We hung out less and less. Soon enough he didn't even bother with me or Quinn anymore. Idk maybe he was too busy with all his new friends, and becoming popular that he didn't notice. Sometimes it makes me sad but it's okay. Life just moved in a  different direction than we had planned. I moved to Hawaii and he left to Washington on a mission. Maybe we'll be good friends again; you never know what could happen. But as Kendrick Lamar once said, "we gon' be alright".

P.S. This post wasn't supposed to be this long, but props to you if you read all the way through it. (:

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