Wednesday, August 12, 2015

true friends : one question

do your friends take you out for sushi? 

Only if you got a friend named Tomas. Sushi is basically my favorite food and here in Hawaii I've been craving it more than ever. (plz fly out here and try the sushi with me T-mas)

This picture makes me so happy. It makes me wish all the boys in Hawaii were as chill as Tomas. . . always down for anything whether it's sushi or just a drive listening to rap. Ugh. I miss it so much. One of my favorite feelings. Always rolling up in Maurice's hummer, jammin to King Kunta.

S/O to Tomas for texting me 24/7 (even until 2am bc of the time difference) and answering my calls to listen to me talk all about my day, how much I love hawaii and how much I wish him and all our friends were here too. You the real MVP boo.

S/O Maurice for always telling me to do what makes me happy.  Things are definitely different here and will need time for adjustment. Just gotta give it my best shot.

lol as kid cudi once said " Now is the time to show what you're made of "

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