Tuesday, September 22, 2015


music is life so I thought I'd share some of my favorite summer songs. hope ya jam as hard as I do hehe.
    • Mind Your Manners - Chiddy Bang
    • Alligator - The Babies
    • ILYSB - LANY
    • Electric Love - Borns
    • Say My Name - Odesza
    • Hollywood - RAC
    • Electric Feel - MGMT
    • Wonderin Why - Aer
    • I’m Good - The Mowglis
    • Good Day - Nappy Roots
    • King Kunta / Backseat Freestyle - Kendrick Lamar
    • This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd
    • Gooey - Glass Animals
    • All Of Me - Tanlines
    • I Would Do Anything For You - Foster the People
    • Chocolate / Girls  -  The 1975
    • The Sound of Sunshine - Michael Franti
    • All of the People - Panama Wedding
    • Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
    • Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride - Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu
    • How We Do It - LIGHTS
    • Float On - Modest Mouse
    • Walkin On a Dream - Empire of the Sun
    • Love On Top - Beyonce
    • Carried Away -  Passion Pit
    • Cheap Sunglasses - RAC
    • Movements - Pham

Thursday, September 10, 2015

life, change & everything that comes with it

I always thought that living in Hawaii, I woudn't want anything more (like hello I'm living in paradise!). But. . .  I couldn't be more wrong. Its funny the things you take for granted. . . where you live, who you spend your time with, food you eat, etc etc. I miss things I've never even thought I would. I miss Mcdonalds and my mom's home made meals. I miss driving and walmart being 2 minutes away. We always want change, but we don't know what we're wishing for. I miss my saratoga life more than I can explain. All I want is familiar faces and familiar places. I wanna go to high school football games and see EVERYONE from school around town. I wanna spend all day driving around with friends. I could go on and on, but what I'm trying to say is don't focus so much on the life you wish you had, but focus more on the life you're living. You'll find that your life is perfect just the way it is. I wish it didn't take an ocean and a 3,000 mile distance for me to realize that. Don't get me wrong, hawaii is a dream, but the only thing I want is to be with my best friends and family. Of course I'm making new friends and family here, but I know it'll never be the same. It's hard to settle in and find people who do things the same way and like the same things you do.
Just a word of advice to all you kids still at home and in high school: Life life to its fullest. Party harder than ever and hug your friends more than you need to. Do things outside your comfort zone, break rules and make memories. Cause one day you'll wake up and life will be completely different, everyone leaves and you'll have to start over, make new friends in a new place. (Believe me it's a lot harder than it looks) Make the most of everyday and enjoy every moment of life. Live without any regrets. My good friend mr. maurice taught me to only do what makes you happy (s/o westlake fam). TRUTH.
That is all kids.

Monday, September 7, 2015

happy hitch hikers

 Woah. Today was fantab. Olivia and Taylor and I hitch hiked a ride down to the crouching lion hike. It was almost straight up and my calves will def be feelin it tomorrow.It was hot and sweaty af but the view was worth it! It felt like we were in jurassic park haha. After the hike we found this rope swing right over the ocean and honestly it was my favorite thing ever. Is it possible to fall in love with a place? Cause I think I'm falling for YOU Hawaii <3

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

friends + a car + hawaii

I think they call it "dead man's catwalk" because even before you get to the edge, your breath is gone. I just "died" over the view (hahaha get it?) Anyway, I couldn't believe it was real life. 

 S/O Alec for driving 2 hours to the other side of the island. There really is nothing better than riding in a real car and jamming out with friends. The hike was basically a steep walk straight up a mountain. At least them calves got a good workout, am I right? (: I could stay up there forever. Everything is so tiny, it's like watching ants crawl down a highway. Oh my gosh, it was so clear you could see Molokai. You feel so small looking on the horizon & there isn't another continent within 2,500 miles. If that doesn't make you feel isolated I don't know what will.                     

ps I also made friends with this cute chameleon on the way down when I almost stepped on him. I almost took him with me so I could give him to my 8-year-old bro Brennon (he LOVES chameleons)  . . . buuttttt Hawaii is his home so I left him there.
also, mcdonalds on the way home was bomb. a little taste of home :' )
Until next time kids. ALOOOOHA.