Tuesday, September 1, 2015

friends + a car + hawaii

I think they call it "dead man's catwalk" because even before you get to the edge, your breath is gone. I just "died" over the view (hahaha get it?) Anyway, I couldn't believe it was real life. 

 S/O Alec for driving 2 hours to the other side of the island. There really is nothing better than riding in a real car and jamming out with friends. The hike was basically a steep walk straight up a mountain. At least them calves got a good workout, am I right? (: I could stay up there forever. Everything is so tiny, it's like watching ants crawl down a highway. Oh my gosh, it was so clear you could see Molokai. You feel so small looking on the horizon & there isn't another continent within 2,500 miles. If that doesn't make you feel isolated I don't know what will.                     

ps I also made friends with this cute chameleon on the way down when I almost stepped on him. I almost took him with me so I could give him to my 8-year-old bro Brennon (he LOVES chameleons)  . . . buuttttt Hawaii is his home so I left him there.
also, mcdonalds on the way home was bomb. a little taste of home :' )
Until next time kids. ALOOOOHA.            

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