Monday, August 17, 2015

weekend trippin it

sharks cove doesn't have sharks. just fyi. Lindsey, Zack, the Sarah's, Mason & Kekoa and I all hopped on The Bus up to north shore for the weekend. 

above and below the water. ahh this doesn't even do it justice how sick it is.   

ET phone home? hahaha I just like this shot a lot. And the second one reminds me  of the divers in Finding Nemo. 
I think I was meant to be a mermaid. Good thing I'll be living here for 7 more months!
After snorkeling, Kekoa suggested we walk instead of take the bus to Ted's Bakery. . . which was 2.3 miles, but it actually didn't turn out so bad because we were right along the beach. We got to stop at pipeline and see the volcom house which was way sick & got me pretty stoked to go back in December for Volcom Pipe Pro & the other surf comps.

On the walk, this chubby guy on a street bike & carrying a little dog passed us. . . screaming @ the top of his lungs. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life! We couldn't stop cracking up. 5 minutes later, we were walking across sunset beach and saw, yes, THE SAME GUY, standing at this tent. He walked right on up and asked my name, I told him Micaela, then right off he asked if he could kiss me. I backed up and fell of the sidewalk and told him "no, thats okay" haha then he asked if he could kiss zack; zack told him "if that's what you're into" WE WERE DYING. The guy denied of course, then he told us he was a famous photographer and to look him up. Then he yelled at some kids for trying to touch his dog because they "weren't over 10 yrs old" (He was OBVIOUSLY so drunk). Then zack pulled out a phone, asked the guy for a picture, so we snapped one real quick were on our way.
We ate dinner at Ted's Bakery which was SO good (I just got fries of course) then headed down to sunset beach to watch the sunset (real ironic huh). 
Anyways. I guess you could say it was a pretty good day in paradise. 

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