Friday, August 14, 2015

say what?

Wait. I know I left home only 14 days ago. . . but I 'm missing Utah. WHAT?  I miss riding in an actual car and turning up the music as loud as it goes, instead of taking the stupid bus everywhere. (No one listens to music loud here. smh) I miss seeing the mountains every time I look up. And how every night the sunset is almost perfect. 


I miss drives through the canyon in the summer with Nick. Haha and him always saying "My tacoma can do anything a jeep can". I miss off roading through the canyon in Zane's jeep at midnight and when Brittney flipped one because she though Zane would drive us off the mountain hahaha.
I miss smell of pine trees and the air in the canyon, how its actually cold. I just love it. I miss driving up the canyon with the windows down, and just hearing the river right next to the road. I miss hammocking with Q & Nick and Shay. I miss longboarding down provo canyon with the crew. 
And HIKES! I miss hiking so so bad. I've been wanting to go on a hike the second I got here, and guess who still hasn't been on a hike? . . . Yeah thats right, me.

I miss looking at the lake and seeing the reflection of the mountains. (pc: Bridger for the second pic) It's one of my favorite views hands down.
Hawaii is great and all but I gotta say I miss my little Utah valley. 

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