Wednesday, August 12, 2015

quinny hackett

Quinn is my person. We've done it all, been through it all together. The boys, the drama, the fights and the good times. I'm so lucky to have had her with me to get through high school. 


                                                                           We like doing all the same things, listening to the same music and eating the same foods. We laugh at everything all the time, even ourselves. I look up to Quinn SO much, it's unreal.  She's taught me to be loud and be myself, to make the best out of every situation. She taught me not to care what people think. To go for boys even when I'm unsure about it. Quinn was my biggest supporter when I was deciding which college to go to and I she's the reason why I ended up here at BYU Hawaii. She's a good listener and what can I say? She just gets me. I LOVE our friendship and hope it lasts through & after college. I couldn't have asked for a better friend.
Shes the short best friend every tall girl needs. #MC&Q

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