Friday, October 2, 2015

livin on the edge

Okay so the answer is "no I don't ever go to school". Why go to school when you can hike up mountains and go to the beach? Exactly. Haha today Heidi and Sadie and I hiked Crouching Lion, but went farther to the ridges above it. We were SO high up it was breathtaking ( actually breathtaking because of how windy it was, but still). We were literally walking along the top of the mountain, it was insane. Definitely different than Utah mountains. Every peak we passed all we could say was "We live here?!" Hawaii never fails to disappoint, thats for sure. I would hike this mountain every day if I could. It makes me wish all you guys from back home could be here to hike it with me. 

                                                               Anyways. Partway through the hike, I pulled my phone out of my fanny pack, but my debit card flew out with it, the wind caught it and it fell down the mountain side. I slid down trying to get to it, but Sadie came in clutch and helped me find it before I almost died haha. After hiking to the peak and falling and sliding our way back down the mountain, we hitchiked a ride back to North Shore Tacos, a restaurant like Cafe Rio, but trust me Cafe Rio is 10000x better. We ate there and headed back to campus. It's days like these that make me fall in love with hawaii all over again. <3
sorry mom


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